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北京托福費用怎么樣 新托福閱讀詞匯題解題技巧,詞匯題是托福閱讀的固定題型,它的考點特色是:解題難度小,題量大。所以做好詞匯題首先是你有扎實的詞匯量,這將為你大大節省答題時間。對于這種類型的題目,小編為你提供的答題妙計是——智慧式推理。它的提問方式一般以:The word/phrase…in the passage is closest in meaning to….The word/phrase…in paragraph…refers to…猜詞義只是初級的答題方式。要知道考生最容易遇到的是生詞或一時記不起來的詞。 北京托福費用怎么樣






Where would you like to take a foreign friend to visit in your city, a factory, a university or a museum? Explain why? Include reasons and examples to support your response.


I'd like to take my friend to visit my university.

First of all, It can help him make more friends. Because It provides him a pretty good opportunity to meet different people, since they might share some similar interests and bobbies.For example they can play football and basketball together or have lunch and dinner together.Usually afterwards they can be good friends with each other.Furthermore, it is a good way to relax. Because my university has a beautiful park there are a lot of trees and grass In the park.

It's very charming envlrorxnent. We can Smell the fragrance of grass and flowers or just relax ourselves on the grass.



Describe a difficulty you once met and explain how you overcame it.



Well,when I was in high school,my math teacher was so boring that every time I was having her class,I would fall asleep.Since I've lost my interest.I couldn't do well in it.Definitely(副詞強調)that's the hardship I have met before. (主題段)

To solve this problem,I come tomy ladybro Jessie who is a pretty smart person for help.She can always helps me copy with the problems in a much easier and more efficient way.For example,when I come across any Math problem, I'm gonna go to her for help directly(副詞x2).And she will nail everything down within 10 mins which(必備從句) often takes me around half an hour,and it usually makes me save a lot of time.(段子-合作/朋友篇)



也可以說bff (Best Friend Forever)

copy with=處理

come across=遇到


nail down=確定


1.Describe one way of study you have that is different from others.

2.Agree or disagree that it is good to study with friends?


3.When you have a lot of homework to deal with ,describe one way you would do to have them finished on time.

4.What kind of personality do you admire the most?Creativity,courage or intelligence?

5.If one of your friends is about to study math,what suggestion do you have?

6.Describe a subject you want to do well in the future.

7.Describe a subject that you think is very important but you are not interested in.



Your friend is considering getting a new pet. What kind of animal would you suggest and why?


Well, I would suggest my friend raise a dog for the following two reasons. First of all, raising a dog you would have a companion and would not feel lonely. Dogs love spending time with their masters. They play with you or just snuggle on the couch while you are watching TV. You will feel happy to have your loyal partner around you at all times. Second, raising a dog motivate you to do more exercises. Walks in the park, hiking in the woods are the things dogs love to do with their owners. It greatly promotes your health since you are doing exercise outdoor while you are walking your dogs.






需要說明的是,考生在回答這類問題時一般會想到貓和狗,狗很忠實loyal,陪伴是最容易想到的理由,在寫這個理由時,要注意用例子來說明,范文中They play with you or just snuggle on the couch while you are watching TV.用到的例子是廣泛性的,考生也可以換做自己的親身經歷,比如自己看電視時小狗呆在身邊給自己很多陪伴等等。在托福*口語答題時,一般要回答2個理由,但是如果考生面對一些實在想不出第二個理由的話題時,也可以只答一個理由,但是一定要有理有據。



You might hesitate about what to choose before the bewildered dozens of food. As far as I am concerned, my choice, however, is always dumplings for its uniqueness and charm. I love eating dumplings, especially ones cooked by my mum.As for the very first reason, it is apparently because it is the symbol of Chinese food. It is so amazing that you can learn a lot about the traditional Chinese culture through eating dumplings. What’s more, it is because of its flavor. It’s really delicious. Some dumplings are made of pork and beef, and others are made of sea food. You can almost taste all kinds of delicious food through eating dumplings. When we are talking about dumplings, it is impossible not to mention that it is also the symbol of reunion in China. So whenever I eat dumplings, I think of my family.


Have you ever given any thought to your dream? I sure did. People’s answer might differ greatly from one or another. Mine, however, is to become a business man/ woman.

The reasons why I dream of becoming a business man/ woman can be best summarized as the followings. (女版)In the modern world, women are no longer the subordinates of men. We have our own rights and can achieve our goals as men do. (男版)You know, my father, a great man who I admire so much, is a very successful business man and sets an excellent example for me since I was a child. So I strongly believe that I have the ability to become a successful business woman/ man. But before I realize my dream, I must make full preparations. Now I am planning to study overseas. I think it’s the first step to this dream. After my graduation, I will pursue my career in some international companies to gain more experiences. When I think my preparation is done, I will try to set up my own company. I strongly believe that with my ambition, confidence and diligence I will finally realize this dream.


Although there are many kinds of subjects, my priority is PE lesson.

The reasons why I am so fascinated with PE lesson can be best summarized as the followings. It is quite convincing to say that the most significant reason consists in the fact that it can keep you as fit as a fiddle. From my own perspective, I think health is the most important aspect to our life. By doing some exercises in PE lesson, we can not only relax from our heavy study pressure, but also we can have a perfect figure. What’s more, when we are talking about PE lessons, it is impossible not to mention the spirit of “persistence” which we can learn from the games in PE lesson. You know, when we are playing football, everyone tries their best. The truth is that as long as we persist,

we will finally win the game no matter how tough it is.