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北京市學習雅思的培訓機構 雅思大作文的語法,需要備好各種從句:其中5.5分以上必備三大經典從句:定語從句、賓語從句、狀語從句,定語從句:多用who(指人)、which(指物)、that(即可指人也可以指物),還有一個經典的容易被忽視的定語從句在大作文中可以表達事件發生的原因:即由why引導的固定句型...the reason(s) why...E.g:There may be some reasons why entertainment stars earn high salaries but overall Iagree that they are overpaid. 北京市學習雅思的培訓機構









雅思英語考官最看重的就是考生有邏輯地回答問題,語言邏輯在雅思口語分數評定里也是很重要的一項,比如一個很高頻的雅思口語話題—sunny days:

A: I am quite fond of sunny days since they can make me feel more optimistic and joyful, which surprisingly gives me more passion in doing more challenging jobs. Sunny days also tend to be warmer and I don't need to wear too many clothes. And that's the reason why I have more freedom to play sports and travel outdoors.






熟悉了口語話題之后,要加工預測答案,加入自己的想法,并且演技要足! 讓雅思英語考官感受到你是在現場思考這個問題,并不是在背;肢體語言和面部表情都要注意,要讓考官覺得你們是在交流,而并不是在死板的一問一答。



There are a lot of foods I like. It is quite difficult to think of one. So, let me talk about a popular menu in my country which is one of my favoritefoods also. It is steamed/plain rice and chicken adobo. “Adobo” is the local name. Adobo can bebeef, pork, chicken, fish or even vegetablesbut I like the chicken adobo particularly.

I will talk about how I cook my very own chicken adobo. A small amount of oil is placed in a heated pan. Then, sauté (fried quickly in a little hot fat) garlic until it turns golden brown. Add in onions. Add the chicken and sauté until it turns a little brown. Pour in about 2 cups of water andlet it boil. After about 30 minutes, add about 2 spoonful of sugar, whole peppercorns and let it simmer. Then add about one fourth cup of so sauce and let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then it is done and ready to be served. You may also add some vegetables like potatoes or fruits like banana or pineapple.

I like it because it is easy to prepare and it is verydelicious. I am not quite sure about itsnutritional benefits but I am sure that we can get some nutrients in it too, especially if vegetables are added.

This recipe is common in my country and I eat it about three to four times a week. I like it because it does not require much effort to prepare and it is also not expensive.



I usually made toys in my childhood and sometimes I made some electronic devices in my teenage and those were very exciting for me. I felt overwhelmed whenever I had been able to make something that I aimed for. I would like to talk about the wooden boat I created in my childhood when I was 8 or 9 years old.

I saw a very nice looking boat in a toy store and had been fascinated to have it. But the price was too high for me and I did not ask my parents to buy it for me as I knew that it was very expensive. A few days later after my 5th-grade final exam, I went to visit my grandfather’s house and planned to make a boat similar to the boat I saw in the store. The original boat that I saw was made of metal and plastic but I planned to make one using the board, wood. The plan came to my mind as the woods and boards were available in my grandfather’s house.

I started making the boat from my memory and found that I was making the wrong one and I won’t be able to make the boat that I planned. I made a sketch and then started building the parts. This time I was successful and I had been able to make a nice looking boat. Later I coloured it and wrote my name on it. This was a fascinating experience as it was the first time I made something from wood and board. Before that, I mostly made toys from papers and after I made the boat, I showed it to everyone. I was very excited to have it and I was proud that I had been able to make it. I had this toy with me for one year or so this was a toy that inspired me to make some other toys that I made later on.


In an age of computer games, reality show and micro logs, I think there is no shortage of activities to keep us occupied. Yet the topic reminds me of a TV program that I often see. Happy Camp, an entertainment TV program broadcasting every Saturday evening, is produced by Hunan Broadcasting. It’s pretty popular among Chinese audience.

Happy Camp is hosted by the so-called Happy Family: Five funny hosts and hostesses. He Join one of the hosts, is also a singer, an actor and an Arabic teacher in Beijing Foreign Studies University. One hostess named Xie Na is very humorous, quirky, cute and girly, and is good at making the audience laugh. Du Haitao, a little heavy, IS a host upon whom the joke is played. Each episode features several popular celebrities as guest stars.

Sometimes even some celebrities from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan are invited. They participate in interviews, performing, and games.

The program is so entertaining that I often burst into laughter at some scenes and I frequently recommend it to the others.

I am really attracted by the program and I’m unwilling to miss every episode because it makes me relaxed and laugh a 101. Now I am under constant pressure from my daily live and seeing such kind of program is a good way to help me relieve the pressure.